About Me



My name is David and I am a watch enthusiast! From the cheapest to the most expensive, every watch is worthy of a closer look.

My love of watches stems back to my childhood in the 70’s, when I was given a LCD watch for Christmas one year. This had a plain black face and you could only see the time by pressing a button on the side of the watch. At this point, the digital time was displayed on the watch face in bold, bright red figures! As a teenage boy, I found this fascinating and my school friends also thought it was really cool. Looking back, it was totally impractical, as you needed two hands free to tell the time! But, I loved it and have been fascinated by the diversity and beauty of watches ever since.

This site aims to delve into the depths of the watch universe, with hands-on reviews and opinions, all the latest news and innovations, as well as a selection of great watches to buy at highly competitive prices.


So, bookmark this site and follow me on this journey to discover the best in wristwear!


Founder, Wrist Furniture