Celebrity watch watch: Biden his time!

Now that the Trumpster has finally been dragged out of the White House kicking and screaming like the petulant child he is, the new (P)resident has his feet firmly under the table.

Joe Biden is now the so-called leader of the free world and here, in our latest celebrity watch watch, we look at his collection of timepieces, this being a watch blog and all!

Traditionally, US Presidents have worn relatively modest timepieces, as they don’t want to appear too far disconnected from the masses. Until, that is, Trump came to power and openly displayed his obscenely expensive watch collection. Just confirming his disconnection from reality, let alone the masses and the fact that he just doesn’t care.

Biden, though, sits somewhere between the two. Not quite the humble wrist furniture adorned by previous Presidents, but not quite at the Trump level of opulence.

So what does the man choose to wear?

Rolex Datejust 41

Well, at his inauguration, he sported a rather nice Rolex Datejust 41. It appears to be the 126300 model with Jubilee bracelet and, although retailing at around £6,300, which is out of the reach of most, it is still towards the lower end of the Rolex catalogue.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

With it’s ties to NASA, the Moonwatch would appear to be a perfect Presidential timepiece, or a perfect timepiece, never mind the Presidential part!

Look like a President for around £4,260 from Goldsmiths!

Seiko Chronograph

Keeping his feet nearer to the ground, Joe Biden is know to be a fan of Seiko watches and owns several, although the 7T32-6M90 Chronograph shown below would appear to be a favourite.

This is quite an old model now, probably at least 20 years old. The fact that he is still wearing it shows how well made and robust it is! You may be able to pick one up second hand, but you can pick up a new Seiko here.

Vulcain Cricket

Known as ‘the watch of Presidents’ after Harry Truman received one as a gift from the White House Press Photographer’s Association in 1953.

Vulcain themselves have subsequently gifted a Cricket to every President since. Although, I wonder if they will, seeing as Biden already has one!

Omega Seamaster

Yes, as well as the Speedmaster, Biden also owns the Omega Seamaster 300m divers watch. Don’t mind if I do!

This is a proper divers watch, with a 300m rating (find out what this means in our article here. It is also a watch that has been worn in more than one Bond film, although I am not in any way comparing Biden to 007!

The Seamaster that the President wears is undoubtedly an older model that is no longer available. Omega still make the 300m and you can get one for around £4,500 here.

Watch this space

So, there you have it, the new President and is interesting and (mostly) classy watch collection. I won’t even dwell on the Apple Watch hat he has been seen wearing, as regular readers of this blog will know that I am not a fan of anything Apple! Not sure his security advisers would be too keen on him wearing this publicly either, given the potential risks of a ‘connected’ watch. Oh well, he will just have to put up with the Omegas then!

Moving forward, will he splash the American taxpayers cash on more luxury wrist furniture, or will he keep it real and connect with Joe public?

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