Celebrity Watch Watch: Suits You, Sir!

I have to confess that I am a relatively new convert to the Suits phenomena. My wife and son have watched the series at least twice, but I have only just finished watching it for the first time. Now I understand what all the fuss was about! It is a superb series, full of great storylines, brilliant acting and fascinating characters. My favourite is Louis Litt, a deeply complex character, played by the extraordinary Rick Hoffman. However, the man that all the ladies love is Gabriel Macht, who plays arguably the central character, Harvey Specter. And I have to admit, I am somewhat envious! The good looks, the charisma, the flash cars, the beautiful Tom Ford suits and, more than anything of course, the watches!

So, what does Harvey Specter, or Gabriel Macht wear on his wrist?

Gabriel goes all Goofy!

Let’s start at the beginning, when a young Gabriel wore a cheap, rubber Goofy watch. We can only guess what this may have looked like, so maybe something like this:

That Adds up!

Next up from his schooldays was a Casio calculator watch, which Gabriel used to play stopwatch baseball with his mates, whatever that means! But, anyway, probably something along these lines:

Cool from an early age?

As the son of Jewish parents, Gabriel had his bar mitzvah in the mid-80s and was given a Swatch watch – by everyone! Such that he ended up with about 13 of them, including the one that was considered ‘cool’ at the time, which was the clear one, a skeleton watch if you like.

There was also mention of a Seiko with a blue face, from around the early 90’s. Again, just guessing, but maybe:

The Big Time

Sometime around 2007, Gabriel and his wife Jacinda gave Gabriel’s father-in-law Breitling Superocean 44mm for his 70th birthday. When he passed away, the watch was handed down to Gabriel and he has hardly taken it off since! And who can blame him, it is a nice piece, as can be seen here:

His father-in-law also gave Gabriel another very fine watch, the Omega Seamaster Cosmic 2000

Then there was the pocket watch that Scarlet Johansson gave Gabriel as a gift when they were filming ‘A Song for Bobby Long’ together, another Omega no less.

…and finally, if you ignore the Apple watch, as I usually do, is the piece de resistance. Harvey was seen, in season one of Suits, wearing the Patek Philippe 5004P, or was he? Nobody seems able to confirm whether this was a genuine Patek or just a wardrobe prop! Either way, we prefer to think of it as genuine, as this is just the kind of watch that we think Harvey would and should be wearing

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