Diamonds are a girl’s best friend…

…sounds better than ‘shiny sparkly crystals that look like diamonds but actually are not are a girl’s best friend’!

Yes, we are talking crystals, but not any old crystal. Swarovski crystal no less!

If the woman in your life is like my wife, she cannot pass the Swarovski store without at least stopping to look in the window. Seriously, it’s like watching a magpie. Her eyes literally light up!

Having said that, I am not belittling the quality of Swarovski. They make some very nice jewellery and, more to the point, some very nice watches. Which brings us (finally) to the crux of this article!

The new Swarovski watch collection

New for 2016, Swarovski have produced a range of watches for women that are functional as well as beautiful.

The Alegria range consists of six very nice looking watches:

  • Mother-of-pearl dial with stainless steel case
  • Gray sunray dial with stainless steel rose-gold coated case
  • Black sunray dial with black crystal bezel and stainless steel case
  • Blue sunray dial with dark indigo crystal bezel and stainless steel case
  • Black sunray dial with black crystal bezel and black-tone coated stainless steel case
  • Gold sunray dial with golden crystal bezel and yellow gold-tone coated stainless steel case

All are Swiss-made with a 33mm case and are water resistant up to 50m and at very reasonable prices – just £249 or £279, depending on which model you go for.

Buy yours here.

Swarovski goes automatic!

The Crystalline Hours is Swarovski’s first venture into the realms of automatic watches for women.

With around 4,000 (yes 4,000) crystals in the domed, transparent, solid sapphire rose-gold toned case, the Hours has been developed in conjunction with renowned watch designer Eric Giroud.

Swiss-made with a 38mm case, water resistance to 50m and a black leather strap, this is a stunning timepiece and well worth the £849 price tag.

But get in quick, because this is selling fast!

Get yours now.

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    1. The Alegria is 33mm in diameter and does not bulky, in my opinion. Neither does the Crystalline, even though it is slightly larger in diameter at 38mm.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  1. I really like this watch. The band is perfect because it is very plain and doesn’t take away from the face of the watch.

  2. The first watch looks really nice although I normally don’t wear these kinds of watches. My sister is the person who would love it, because she is probably as your wife, likes everything that shines!

    Which one of these two would you recommend better?


    1. I think the Arelia represents extremely good value for money at just £249/£279 and you can choose the finish you want, so I would probably go for this one.
      Thanks for your comments Jolita.

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