Not just a pretty face!

Women and watches, my two favourite things in life! Well, one woman in particular, my wonderful wife. Not so when it comes to watches, though, as I find it impossible to stay faithful to one particular model, no matter how sexy it may be!

There was a time (pun intended) when watch manufacturers were, to be brutally honest, condescending towards women. They figured that just adorning the watch with a bit of bling was all a woman was interested in, just like a magpie!

Well, guess what? Women have become more sophisticated and no longer dazzled by the sparkle. They can see beyond this and now want a watch that actually functions. Not that looks aren’t still important, of course.

Beauty and brains

Watch makers have finally caught on and are now producing timepieces that are aesthetically beautiful, as well as possessing the same exacting precision and state-of-the-art technology as male watch connoisseurs.

At the Baselworld trade fair in 2016, Omega unleashed the first Master Chronometer for women, which means that it was certified by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology for it’s precision. Indeed, Baselword that year was unofficially labelled ‘the year of the woman’!

Not to be outdone, Breitling have a couple of rather nice chronographs for women, two versions of the Chronomat 38 Diamond. Omega have a diamond encrusted version of their popular Seamaster Planet Ocean, which I personally think is stunning!

TAG Heuer, as well, have produced some rather fine offerings, with the Aquaracer B-Metal Diamond Automatic and the Formula 1 Quartz ladies watch.

In fact, every which way you turn, you can find something that will catch the eye. Quite apart from the above mentioned, you have the Zenith Moonphase, the Gucci Horsebit, Longines Dolce Vita, Ebel Brasilia, the list goes on and on.

Money too tight to mention?!

If you are cruel enough to restrict your lady to a budget, all is not lost!

The watch pictured here is the fabulous Daniel Wellington Classic Winchester Rose Gold Plated Crystal Ladies Watch. Got all that? This is not only a really nice looking watch, but is of a quality that truly belies it’s £125 price tag.

Then you have the Skagen Crystal at £95, the Rotary Cocktail at £70 and a nice selection from Olivia Burton from £59.

So, whatever your budget, there is something for you.

The modern woman is discerning, educated and informed and the world of watches is no longer just the domain of the male.

Heaven help us!

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  1. I’m in the market for a good watch that also adds to my very low key jewelry repertoire. I would like something that isn’t flashy but that is classy. I stopped by your site for more information and I really like the Daniel Wellington watch. I know rose gold is really popular right now as well. It was a good read, thanks for the information.

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