Say it like you mean it!

There is nothing more embarrassing than pretending to know all about something, then getting the pronunciation wrong!

You can guarantee that some smart ass will be only too happy to correct you and, in all likelihood, point and laugh at you whilst mocking you in front of all your mates. Hang on, playground flashback!

Seriously, although I may be exaggerating, it can make you look a little silly if you do happen to mispronounce. But, if you don’t know, you don’t know, right? Well, wrong actually! The guide below will help you understand the correct pronunciation of most of the popular watch brands.

Watch Brand Pronunciation Guide

A. Lange & Sohn Ah-Lahn-Guh Und Zo-Nuh
Alain Silberstein Ala Silber-Shtien
Alpina Al-Pee-Nuh
Andersen Geneve Andersen Geneeva
Armand Nicolet Are-Mahnd Nik-O-Lay
Arnold & Son Arnold & Son
Audemars Piguet Awe-Duh-Mahr Pee-Gay
Ball Ball
Baume & Mercier Bown and Murse-ee-ay
Bédat Bay-dah
Bell & Ross Bell & Ross
Blancpain Blonk-Pan
Boccia Bosh-ia
Bovet Bo-Vay
Breguet Breh-Gay
Breil Brile
Breitling Bright-Ling
Bremont Breh-Mon
Bulgari Bul-Guh-Ree
Bulova Bull-Uh-Vuh
Burberry Burberry
Calvin Klein Calvin Klein
Carl F. Bucherer Carl F Boo-Kur-Ur
Cartier Karr-Tee-Ay
Casio Casi-Yo
Certina Certina
Chanel Shan-El
Chase-Durer Chase Dur-Ur
Chaumet Sho-Meh
Chopard Show-Pard
Citizen Citizen
Corum Kor-Um
Cuervo y Sobrinos Kwer-Vo ee So-Bree-Nohs
Custos Coo-Stohs
Cyma See-Muh
Daniel Roth Daniel Rote
De Bethune Deh Bet-Oon
De Grisogono De Gris-O-Gono
DeWitt Deh-Vitt
Dimier Di-Myer
Dior D’Yor
Doxa Dox-Uh
Ebel Ay-ble
Edypoi Eddie-poy
F P Journe F P Zhurn
Favre-Leuba Fahv Lube-Uh
Franc Vila Frahnk Vila
Franck Muller Frahnk Myou-Ler
Frédérique Constant Fred-ur-eek Con-Stahnt
G-Shock G-Shock
Gérald Genta Gerald Jen-Tuh
Girard-Pirregaux Zhee-Rahrd Pair-Uh-Go
Glashütte Original Gloss-who-tuh Or-ig-in-ahl
Glycine Gly-seen
Graff Graff
Graham Graham
Greubel Forsey Groib-uhl Force-ee
Gucci Gu Chi
Hamilton Hamilton
Harry Winston Harry Winston
Hautlence Ott-Lance
Hermes Her-Mes
Hublot U-Blow
Hugo Boss Hyu Go Boss
Hysek High-sek
IWC Schaffhausen I W C Shaff-howz-in
Jacob & Co Jacob & Company
Jaeger-LeCoultre Zhey-zher Leh-Koolt
Jaquet Droz Zhock Ay-Droh
Jean Dunand Zhahn Due-nahnd
JeanRichard Zhahn Ree-Shard
Kobold Ko-bald
Laurent Ferrier Lauro Fer-Yeh
Limes Lee-mez
Linde Werdelin Linda Verdilin
Links of London Links of London
Longines Lawn-jeen
Louis Érard Loo-ees Air-ahrd
Louis Moinet Loo-ee Mwah-nay
Louis Vuitton Lou-ee Vwee-tahn
Luminox Lumi Nox
Maurice Lacroix Morris Lah-kwah
MB&F M B And F
Meistersinger My-ster-singer
Mido Mee-doe
Milus Mee-loose
Mondaine Mon Denn
Montblanc Mohnt Blonk
Montres Militaires Mon-Tre Militer
Moser Mo-Zer
Movado Muh-vah-doe
Mühle Glashütte Mew-luh Glass-hoo-tuh
Nomos No-mose
Nooka Noo-ka
Officine Panerai Off-ih-chee-nay Pan-ur-eye
Omega O-may-guh
Oris Oris
Parmigiani Fleurier Pahrm-ih-zhah-nee Flur-ee-ay
Patek Philippe Pah-Tek Fill-eep
Paul Picot Paul Pih-co
Perrelet Pair-eh-lay
Peter Speake-Marin Peter Speak-Marin
Piaget Pee-ah-zhay
Porsche Por-sha
Rado Rah-doe
Ralph Lauren Ralph Lor-en
Raymond Weil Remon Vey
Richard Mille Ree-shard Meehl
Roger Dubuis Roe-zher Do-bwee
Rolex Rolex
Rotary Rotary
Seiko Say-Ko
Shinola Shai Nola
Sinn Zin
Swatch Swatch
TAG Heuer Tag Hoi-ur
Thomas Sabo Thomas Sabo
Tissot Tee-so
Tudor Tu-Dor
Tutimar Too-tih-muh
TW Steel T W Steel
U-Boat You Boat
Ulysse Nardin You-leese Nahr-dan
Universal Genève Universal Jeh-nev
Urwerk Oor Verk
Vacheron Constantin Vash-er-ahn Kon-stan-tan
Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Ahr-pell
Victorinox Vick-tor-ih-nox
Vulcan Vull-can
Wenger Wen-ger
Wittnauer Wit-now-ur
Wyler Genève Vee-ler Jeh-nev
Xemex Zem-ex
Zenith Zeh-nith

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  1. This is definitely useful, especially for emcees and speakers. Getting names pronounced wrong in a formal event is more than embarrassing. It could cost them their reputations. But I guess the worst part is those who work in these companies mispronounced their own brand’s name. Interesting guide.

    1. Yes, unforgiveable if you actually work for the Company, but it happens!
      Thank you for your comments, Kenny.

  2. Haha I like it! Who would have thought there were so many watch brands out there. Little did I know I was pronouncing my $500 Tissot watch completely wrong. I was saying ‘Tiss Ot’ – You know the way that its spelled. How confusing these watches can be. I’ll be sure to remember from now on.

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