Whole Different Galaxy!

November 26, 2018

I’ll put it out there, I am not a fan of Apple. Shock, horror, hide my address for fear of hate mail! I am sure all the hoards of people who own an Apple product, any Apple product, absolutely love it and will not hear a word said against it. But, I have never been a fan. I find their products over-rated, over-complicated, over-expensive and quite manipulative. What I mean…


Watch the News

April 27, 2016

Degree of Seperation! Apple have made moves to make the Apple Watch independent to the iPhone. They have announced that, as from June this year, developers who submit a watchOS app to the App Store must have built the app using the watchOS 2 SDK. This will help to detach the Apple Watch from the iPhone and make it a separate device, rather than just an extension of the iPhone. In turn, of…