Feeling blue? Get the green light for Black Friday red hot deals!

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The time to pick up those bargains in time for Christmas. It’s Black Friday, the US phenomenon which appears to have spread across the globe! But, who are we to complain, as the retailers have bought into it in droves.

So, what can we expect? Below are just some of the watch bargains you can pick up this year.

Goldsmiths – up to 50% off selected lines

Michael Kors Big Watch MK8516

Reduced from £229 to £114




TAG Heuer Carrera Ladies Blue Dial Watch

Reduced from £3,700 to £2,500





Breitling Colt Chronograph A1338811/C914 145S

Reduced from £3,740 to £2,740




Watch Shop – Up to 60% off selected items, PLUS 15% off everything (except smart watches)

Michael Kors Darci watch and bracelet gift set

Reduced from £279 to £195






Rotary Watch GB00644/04

Reduced from £259 to £103





Casio Edifice Bluetooth Triple Connect Toro Rosso Special Edition Alarm Chronograph

Reduced from £700 to £490




Beaverbrooks – extra 15% off all reduced lines

Storm – 20% off everything, up to 80% off selected lines


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  1. Some great information on your site thanks for sharing the Black Friday watch deals. My wife bought me a watch last year in the Black Friday event here is the UK. Not sure what she paid but I am sure she got a great price. 

    If I come across anyone looking for watches at any time I will be sending them your way, very informative site thanks

  2. Thank you for this great post. I am planning on getting a new watch but I still can not decide which brand I should purchase. I am really glad you are so well informed about the news and new discounts.

    From your post I think Rottary watch might be the perfect fit. It has great design and the price is just right. I am going to purchase it right now. Can I do it from your website or I should Google it myself?

    Thank you.


  3. Oh wow. The excitement i feel seeing this watches knows no bound. The icing on the cake for me is the Breitling Colt Chronograph watch. A bit on the high side but its understandable that Breitling is a luxury watch brand and luxury doesn’t come cheap. The Casio Edifice Bluetooth Triple Connect watch is my second contender. I own a Casio Edifice already abut would not mind getting this one. Thanks David, for this post, i will consider one of them as a Christmas present. Cheers

    1. Good choices, Samson. Yes the Breitling Colt comes with a high price tag but, with £1,000 knocked off for Black Friday, it’s seriously tempting. The Edifice, though, is also a very nice watch indeed and, again, at 30% discount, you can’t knock it!

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