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Mark the date in your calendars,Hollywood superstar Russell Crowe is auctioning film props, costumes, memorabilia and “stuff” (quote). It is the “stuff” that I am particularly interested in, as this includes 29 luxury watches, apparently half of the lucky man’s collection!

When and where?

7th April 2018, Sydney

Sydney? Well, he is Australian. Anyway, if you can afford to bid for one of his watches, you can certainly afford a flight to Aus!

Seriously, though, you can register to bid online from wherever you are in the world. Details to follow.




What am I bidding for?

Oh, so you’re bidding are you? Get in line!

Mr Crowe has been drip-feeding us with terrific tantalising Tweets to tickle our tastebuds (excuse the cheesy alliteration) and, elsewhere in the media, he has hinted that the watches sold would include “Panerai, Rolex, Cartier, Vacheron Constantine, Chopard, Breitling, Omega, IWC, Asprey, Chanel and others”.

Still unclear whether the Rolex day-date in our picture here is included, but we will give you further details as and when they are released.

What else is included?

What more could you possibly want, other than a beautiful mind, I mean watch, worn by the man himself? Maybe the man himself, eh ladies? Although I am not sure he looks a good now as he does in our picture. Let’s hope he has kept his watches are in better condition!

Anyway, as well as the watch, the winning bidder will also receive a signed certificate detailing what masterpiece Russell was filming at the time he bought it.

How do you know all this?

Straight from the horse’s mouth. Or gladiator’s mouth. As mentioned, Russell has been tweeting about the overall auction for a couple of months now.

It was only earlier this month, however, that us horologists’ ears pricked up, when he tweeted the following:




He also gave us some backgroud to this, in an interview for the Journal of Haute Horlogerie:

“I didn’t actually own a watch until 1992. I was playing a pilot in For The Moment, about airmen who were sent to Manitoba in Canada to train before going off to bomb enemy lines on the other side of the Atlantic. This was all during the Second World War, of course. While shooting, one of the crew pointed out that all the pilots wore a watch. I wanted my character to be authentic, so I went and bought a watch at the airport. I think it was Minneapolis/St Paul! Nothing too valuable. A Gucci I paid $390 dollars for. Since then, I’ve moved up a level and can’t stand to check the time on anything other than a watch.”

I like the quote “…can’t stand to check the time on anything other than a watch.” Totally agree with this. The time is everywhere, on our phones, our tablets, our music players (as an anti-Apple user, I can’t bring myself to say iPhone, iPad, iPod, iJustDontLikeIt). I almost shield my eyes from these devices, just so I can only look at the time on my wrist. He could have gone even further, though, and stated that it would have to be an analog watch!

Do not miss this!

A watch collection like this does not come under the hammer very often, even less so when the owner is a world famous movie star.

Even if you cannot afford to bid, you may want to check out the auction if you are a fan of watches or a fan of Russell Crowe, or maybe both.





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  1. haha – what has two thumbs and loves cheesy alliteration? This girl! How very smart of you to post a big clear photo of Russel Crowe in his prime we suspect; it piqued my interest. I wonder what the auction is for; charity, he’s going broke, who knows? I bet a rolex will fetch a pretty penny

    1. Good question Kristin – you would hope it was all for charity, but not known at this stage.

      Glad you liked the photo,  which, incidentally, is circa 2008.

      Thanks for your comments.

  2. What? I mean what’s going on with Russell Crowe? Why is he auctioning his collection of luxury watches? And who wears watches these days when like you said, time is on our phones, tablets, etc.

    Anyway, I’m curious as to who would be bidding and what will be the proceeds. But I hope it’s for charity like what Oprah often did before.

    1. Alice, you are talking to the wrong person! Watch lovers such as myself are the people who prefer to tell the time in the traditional way and, indeed, the same people who are likely to buy these watches.

      Unsure of the destiny of the proceeds at present but, as you say, hopefully for charity.

      Thank you for your comments.

  3. What has got into Russel Crowe? I agree phone are replacing watches, I have say I still wear my vintage Casio and I still love it!
    I’m also curious about this auction. is he bored? Maybe he’s got too many, maybe he is actually broke – who knows.
    I do hope it goes to charity though, unless he actually needs the money himself lol

    1. Well, he has had a few flops recently, so maybe he is down to his last $10 million, poor chap! 

      Thanks for your comments Louise.

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