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Baselworld, for those who do not know, is a prestigious trade show for the watch and jewellery industry. The event is held annually in, surprise surprise, Basel, Swizerland.

The 2016 show was held towards the end of March and here we look at some of the latest releases from the major premium brand manufacturers.


Arguably the highlight of the show was the new Cosmograph Daytona! An updated version of a much-loved classic first seen in 1963 and a welcome addition to the Rolex family.Daytona2

To paraphrase Rolex themselves, the watch is a blend of high technology and sleek aesthetics. It includes a Cerachrom bezel in black ceramic, reminiscent of the early models, only with today’s (or even tomorrow’s) technology: it is corrosion resistant, virtually scratchproof and the colour is unaffected by UV rays.

High-precision, of course, goes without saying and this is protected by the waterproof Oyster case.

Not a fan of Rolex? Think again! Although you will need to think again unless you have around £8,000 to spare!

A thing of beauty and, if you have the money, you cannot go far wrong with this one.




Patek Philippe

For the mega wealthy amongst you, this is the brand that will whet your appetite! And they certainly didn’t disappoint at Baselworld this year, with the worldtimer chronograph.

The thinnest an smallest worldtimer chronograph on the market and the first from this elite brand.

It will set you back somewhere on the region of £50,000.


Tag Heuer

Back to planet earth and the limited edition Monza is a chronograph with a black titanium case. It is based on a watch created 40 years ago, which was named after the tagmonzaFomula 1 racing track.

Jack Heuer gave the watch to the Ferrari F1 team, and the new version has the original Heuer logo.

Yours for just £3,600!




Take a deep breath! The Omega Speedmaster Moonphase Master Chronograph is the latest release from the ‘James Bond’ watch manufacturer and very nice it is too!

As the name suggests, the watch has a moonphase, with the face of the moon made from mother of pearl. You didn’t know you needed that, did you? If you study the watch closely with your lunar telescope, you will notice that Omega have actually included Neil Armstrong’s famous first footprint from the Apollo 11 mission on the moon face. Attention to detail or what?!

This one starts at around £5,000.

Baselworld 2017

The above is just a brief selection of many of the wonderful new releases on show at Baselword this year.

Book your tickets now for the 2017 event!

Baselworld 2017



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